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We believe there are some important reasons you’d want to advertise your business on KLPZ.


First, KLPZ isn’t exactly a regular radio station. Our listeners aren’t looking for music all the time, with as few interruptions as possible. They don’t tune in to hear 18 songs an hour. Other stations play automated music all day long, using syndication to give the impression that there’s actually somebody there. KLPZ listeners want something different: live, local shows, our unique take on the news, informed talk and opinion, something to make them laugh, something unscripted, fun and original, something that doesn’t have to happen within a short allocated timeslot.

Why does this make a difference? Because it means that KLPZ consumers are active, not passive. Their radios are used as a foreground feature rather than for background music. They’re really listening, waiting for what the personality will say next, hanging for a chance to win, or turning the volume up to catch the punchline of a joke.

That allows us to integrate our sponsors directly into our programming. In addition to the regular ‘run-of-schedule’ spots, much of our daily broadcast time is brought to air by sponsors who understand that having us mention their names, having us talk about their products and services, having us incorporate them into the middle of the daily mayhem here at KLPZ is an extremely effective way to bring their message to air.

As a result, you’ll find that KLPZ is more involved with our advertisers than most. We like to increase the effectiveness of your advertising by supplementing your :30 or :60 second spots with live name mentions, announcing your new products or changes in your opening times or services, and generally raising awareness of your business. We are highly loyal to our advertisers, and we like our listeners to recognize that.

Based in Parker, KLPZ broadcasts between Interstate 10 and Interstate 40 to the areas of Lake Havasu, Blythe, Quartzsite and others (see below). This signal, combined with great prices, gives you the best value, dollar for dollar, for advertising that you’ll find.

This is confirmed in the latest Arbitron ratings (2010), which put KLPZ as the premier radio station in our area, with other stations trailing far behind.

Let’s talk about your business! Join the growing circle of KLPZ advertisers, and our small, dedicated, flexible sales team will work with you to bring your message to air in the most effective way possible.

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KLPZ reaches the Arizona areas of Parker, the Parker Strip, Parker South, Lake Havasu City, Poston, Ehrenberg, Bouse, Cibola, Quartzsite, Vicksburg, Hope, Salome and Wenden, and the California areas of Blythe, Lost Lake, Ahaquin, the Palo Verde Valley, Desert Center, Parker Dam, Earp, Big River, Vidal and Havasu Landing.

Ask a KLPZ representative for more information about the success of KLPZ in Arbitron ratings.

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