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Beginning at 3pm each weekday, John Wright sits down to take an alternative look at the of the news of the day.

Giving a broadly libertarian perspective, John begs you to disagree with him, and encourages openminded, ground-up thinking about the issues in the world. Listeners may sometimes find themselves informed, outraged or in agreement, but they should always find themselves challenged. The show is loosely based on the headlines making news over that day, but often diverts in unforeseen directions as the conversation continues.

Tune in. There’s a good argument for listening.


Born and raised in Northern Ireland, John dodged the bombs and bullets while taking an early interest in media. After undertaking roles in Belfast radio and magazine work, John moved to Arizona with his wife and their young son Tyler in 2004.

He is also involved in independent filmmaking with Hemet Productions and occasional screenwriting. He enjoys jetskiing, boating, off-roading, dining and movie-watching.

Watch live 3-5pm HERE (or listen on your smartphone).
Follow John on Twitter by clicking @JustJohnWright.