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What does ‘Country and a Little More’ mean?

It’s KLPZ’s station format, and it’s an understatement. ‘A little more’ includes the many segments which make up Mornings with Keith & Juanita, the afternoon utterances of John Wright, the Rush Limbaugh Show, the Huckabee Report, and of course the Little Bit More Show with Josh Savino. It’s a unique mix of daily life, on-air.

How do I call in?

You can call our live shows from 6am to 10am, from 3pm to 5pm and from 5pm to 7pm every weekday by calling (928) 669-2507. Remember, all calls are live to the studio and mostly unscreened, so expect to go on the air! To call Rush from 10am till 1pm, call 1(800) 282-2882, or to call KLPZ off-air it’s (928) 669-9274.

I hate Rush Limbaugh.

Well, you could choose not to listen. But we think that, given time, you’ll find that Rush, like the rest of us here at KLPZ, will grow on you like a fungus. After all, he is the most-listened-to radio personality in America! Aren’t you interested to find out what everyone likes so much?

How does Rush Limbaugh fit into a country music radio station?

He doesn’t… and that’s your first clue that you’re listening to something ‘out of the box’.

Will you really help me sell my stuff for free?

We will! We call it the Trading Post: Buy, Trade or Sell. Even non-listeners make use of the Trading Post, though they frequently get the name wrong (examples we’ve heard include the Swap-Meet Show, Trading Shop and The Victor Show). It airs most mornings with Keith & Juanita, usually in the 9 o’clock hour.

How can I get my items listed on the show?

Give us a call Monday through Friday, 8am till 5pm at our office line: (928) 669-9274. Alternatively, if you’d like to wait until the Trading Post is on the air, you can call the show to give details live; call (928) 669-2507. This will give you a chance to plug your item in your own way using your best sales voice live on the radio. Either way, we’ll write a brief description of your item, along with a price and a phone number. It will stay on the Trading Post for 10 days.

Can I hear KLPZ in Quartzsite?

Yes. Our range of coverage includes Quartzsite, Desert Center, Blythe, Parker Strip, Lake Havasu City and Salome. If you can’t get our AM signal, just tune in online HERE!

I don’t get a great signal where I am. How can I listen?

KLPZ’s morning, afternoon and evening shows are streaming live around the world on the internet: click HERE. And if you’d like to use your mobile device, you can listen to KLPZ on the go! Just visit klpz1380.com from your mobile device and click ‘Listen live!’

Who is Keith Douglas?

Keith is host of Mornings With Keith & Juanita. You know; Amazing Man and Nine-Tenths. K-11. Master and Commander of the Airwaves. Locked-and-Loaded Douglas. The Bruce Lee of Radio. The Black-Footed Ferret. (Do not be fooled by others; they’re mere weasels in disguise.)

How do you pronounce ‘Juanita’?

Wuh-neeta. And she can do it in Spanish.

Is John Wright really from Ireland?

Yes. John Wright was born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland and came to America and KLPZ in 2004. He is losing his accent, but – trust us – he’s Irish through and through.

Who is Josh Savino?

Josh is our on-air evenings host. Listen to the Little Bit More Show on your drive home. You won’t regret it.

What’s with all the animal names?

This little KLPZ tradition owes its existence, we believe, to the influence of our many listeners of the Colorado River Indian Tribes (CRIT), some of whom have great Native American names. Keith said he would like an animal name too, and became The Black-Footed Ferret. From there, the phenomenon grew, and now many of our regular cast of callers have animal names of their own. (Juanita is the Luscious Lizard and John is the Belfast Beaver. Perhaps you have a suggestion what Josh should be called?)

Where can I meet the KLPZ team?

Come along to one of our live remote broadcasts throughout the year: they’re a lot of fun and we’d love to see you there! We also have an open-house policy at the station. Visit after 10am, Monday thru Friday at 816 6th Street in Parker, AZ.

Why should I advertise on KLPZ?

Most other radio stations play automated music or satellite feeds all day long. That’s okay. But KLPZ listeners are with us for something different: live, locally hosted shows, latest news, informed talk and opinion, something to make them laugh, something unscripted, fun and original, something that doesn’t have to end within the allocated 90-second timeslot. So, we have active listeners, not passive listeners. Your message goes out, hand-in-hand with daily live programming on the dominant radio station in this area.

Can I buy some KLPZ merchandise?

Not usually, unless we have a special promotion of some kind. But there are plenty of opportunities to pick up some goodies absolutely free! Play live on ‘You Call It Friday’ for many prizes from our local sponsors.

What else can I win?

This changes throughout the year. We have tickets to lots of big events: music festivals, races, movies, concerts, and the Rennaisance Festival. We regularly give away meals, CDs and games. Through special promotions, KLPZ has also been known to part with toys, cash, furniture, an iPhone and a car.

What is the Sheriff’s Department Roundup?

The Roundup, part of our morning show, regularly lists the names of those arrested by law enforcement agencies in La Paz County, and what they were arrested for. It is provided as a public service that keeps citizens aware of what is happening in their community. Suspects are, of course, presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

How does your station survive?

KLPZ is a completely private enterprise, funded entirely through sponsorship and advertising revenue. Some people are surprised to hear that we don’t recieve any government compensation for our community involvement. Nope! We’re a business, born of pure all-American market capitalism, and our wonderful sponsors allow us to be involved in as many community programs and events as we are. In the process, we create great relationships with all our advertisers. Become one.

Has anyone ever paid you $250 for a transcript of ‘News You Can’t Use’?

Two people have taken Keith up on this deal so far; both paid with Monopoly money.

What other programs will I hear on KLPZ?

Blues Deluxe, 25 Years of Hits, Classic Country Today and Into The Blue are KLPZ’s one-hour music feature shows from 1:15pm each weekday. You will also hear various programs presented as segments of our live shows, such as In-Fisherman Report, Little Known Facts, The Ultimate Sacrifice and County Corner. On Sunday mornings, we turn the airwaves over to some inspirational talk and music by the pastors of local churches. During football seasons, KLPZ covers Parker Broncs games live from home games and away games on Friday nights, and talks Fantasy Football on Tuesdays.

Can I submit a quiz to the morning show?

Sure! On You-Call-It Fridays, we invite some regular and irregular characters into the studio to take randomly selected quizzes submitted by listeners. They play on behalf of several lucky callers who get prizes if their in-studio player wins. To write us a quiz, choose your topic, and place 8 primary questions and 2 additional tiebreaker questions in a sealed envelope. In a second sealed envelope, place the answer sheets separately for both. Be creative! You can bring your quiz to KLPZ’s studio or mail it to us at 816 W 6th Street, Parker, AZ 85344.

What community programs are you involved with?

KLPZ supports a number of annual events and programs, such as Take A Kid Fishing, the County Fair, Graduations, Red Ribbon Week, and Parker Broncs football. In fact, we invite our sponsors and advertisers to join KLPZ with :30 second messages of their own, a portion of those sponsorships being pledged back to the programs. If you are interested in helping us support our community in this way, please call us.

Please feel free to ask us anything else you have in mind!
Call (928) 669-9274 and we’ll do our best to answer.