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Every morning from 6am until 10am, Keith & Juanita take to the airwaves with their unique husband-and-wife wake-up show. The 4-hour show takes the form of a variety of segments, typically beginning with Keith’s selection of music in the 6 o’clock hour, and continuing with a schedule which includes:

– State/local news and weather
– Wild West Experience
– Just Another Day on Earth
– Community Spotlight
– Looking For Work
– Radio Life Coach
– This Day in History
– Birthday Wishes
– The Trading Post
– The Dog-Gone Show
– News You Can’t Use
– Match Game
– Listener phonecalls

Guest co-hosted segments include:

The Huckabee Report (AM edition, 7:50am, 9:30am)
The Sheriff’s Department Roundup
The Ultimate Sacrifice
County Corner
Banking Spotlight
Parker Car Talk
Fantasy Football Update

You-Call-It Fridays are a popular way to start the weekend. Beginning at 8am each Friday, an invited panel of regular and irregular guests come to KLPZ’s studio to banter and take listener-submitted quizzes on behalf of callers who get to pick their prize out of what’s available. Regular guests include Claudia Woodhouse, Randy Hartless, Mary Hamilton, afternoon show host John Wright and evening show host Josh Savino.

Throughout the years, KLPZ’s flagship morning show has done almost everything. Interviewing artists, blowing stuff up in a microwave to see what happens, experimenting with eating a single food-type for a week, protecting La Paz County from alien invasion, gaining and losing local poet Nashville Sharon, wagering on the weather, hosting political debates with candidates for office, competing with guests for most marshmallows stuffed in one’s mouth, trying out Taser stun guns in-studio…. and it goes on.

So listen daily. You never know what you may hear.


Keith Douglas was born and raised near, Dickinson, North Dakota where his mother still lives. He joined the United States Marine Corp after high school, and then became a coal miner for some years before an injury forced him to look elsewhere for work. Keith decided to get into radio and worked at several stations around the country before coming to Parker to join KLPZ 1380am.

Juanita was born and raised near Brownsville, Texas before moving to Montana. There, she listened to Keith’s show on a North Dakota radio station, and later met him at a remote broadcast. Before she moved to Parker to join Keith on the morning show, Juanita was at school for court reporting.

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Contact the show by emailing keithlearn at klpz1380.com.